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Robert Tinnell
In addition to writing FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES, Robert Tinnell has directed such films as BELIEVE with Elisha Cuthbert and FRANKENSTEIN AND ME with Burt Reynolds. More recently, he penned the hit graphic novels THE BLACK FOREST and THE WICKED WEST as well as the screenplay BOBBY AT WORK, an adaptation of an Anthony Bourdain novel for producers Steve Golin of anonymouscontent and Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger of Bona Fide and director David (ASYLUM) Mackenzie. He is currently re-writing his screenplay, SACRIFICE, for Fortress Entertainment. Tinnell is repped by Jon Karas of Infinity Management International.
Alex Saviuk
Alex Saviuk began his professional career at DC Comics in 1977 after studying sequential art with WILL EISNER at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Within a few short months, he became the regular artist on such titles as GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH. His resume extended to include SUPERMAN, HAWKMAN, AQUAMAN, The ATOM, and AIR WAVE, among others.In 1986, Alex forged ahead to MARVEL COMICS where he soon became the penciller on DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH featuring The PHANTOM, FLASH GORDON, and MANDRAKE. Then, after successfully filling in on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, he started a 7+ year run on WEB OF SPIDER-MAN followed by 2 more years on SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES-- based on the animated series. In 1997-98 Alex pencilled the last 12 issues of THE X-FILES for TOPPS Comics and began his current pencilling run on the SPIDER-MAN Sunday newspaper strip. In 2003 Alex also began inking the Spider-man Dailies as well as joining the ranks of a Swedish publisher chronicling the adventures of THE PHANTOM. Recently, he has also completed a project assisting WILL EISNER which will see print in 2005. Besides his work on FEAST of the SEVEN FISHES, Alex hopes to pursue further creator-owned projects in the upcoming months. Besides comics, he also does storyboards and conceptual art for advertising and the occasional film. Alex lives in Florida with his wife, two children and of course, Simba( --the dog, not the lion!)
Ed Piskor
After leaving the Kubert School after his first year and having the cocky notion that he could make a living drawing pretty pictures, Ed started sending sending samples all over god's country with no luck.....Until he got a call from writer/movie star/hustler Harvey Pekar for some new American Splendor work. Before even putting pen to paper for Harv, Ed got more work! He's currently working on "Ink & Anguish" with his idol/mentor/taskmaster Jay Lynch for top shelf productions for next summer, he has a very substantial portion of American Splendor "Our Movie Year" at the end of the year, as well as "Feast of the Seven Fishes" for with Writer/Director/antidisestablishmentarian Bob Tinnell. Ed hopes these projects will afford him enough money to fill his cavities and get a stronger prescription so that he can see. Ed can be reached at and admits to leaving terror, anarchy, and mayhem in his wake.
Shannon Tinnell
Shannon (Colaianni) Tinnell is a nice Italian girl who, when she isn't cooking or cleaning up after her two children, likes to read about cooking and run up her American Express bill at nice restaurants. She is currently at work on a new cookbook due out in the early fall of 2006.